At True Life Center, we know that having a pet can bring people a lot of joy. But there is more than just enjoyment in the mix. Pets can also help with healing. That is why we offer a pet therapy program as one of our treatment options, so you can have the benefit of many different types of treatments that can work well for you. There is no reason to settle for mental health issues, addiction, and other types of problems in your life when you can get better and get back to living life again. We can help with that, and give you all the tools and techniques you need to recover and be healthier and happier.

Our treatment programs are focused on you and the kind of support that is going to bring you the highest level of benefit for your situation. We are here to help in the best way possible for your specific situation.

Pet Therapy Program for Calmness and Health

woman at a pet therapy programPets can provide a lot of benefits for anyone who has one. They are great companions, and they often make their owners feel better and happier. They may also encourage activity, and because they require care, they keep people moving and doing things even if they might not feel like it. If you come to our pet therapy program at True Life Center, you can get the benefit of working with a pet and finding ways to interact and connect with them that can help you heal.

Coupled with our other options and opportunities for quality treatment through our holistic approach, you will be focused on getting the support that can help you live a better life. Addiction and mental health issues do not have to control your life when you have great options for help and support with our pet therapy program and other mental health treatment programs in CA.

Consider a Range of Treatment Options

A range of treatment options, in addition to our pet therapy program, is available to you, so you can get all the treatments you need in one place. That makes it easier to focus on your health and happiness and to work with trained professionals who care about your needs and want to help you be healthier again. Some of the options we offer to help you at our addiction treatment therapy programs include:

There is no reason to settle for a life where addiction or mental health issues are getting in the way. With our pet therapy program and a variety of other treatment programs, you get quality treatment in a way that works for you. That can help you conquer addiction & mental health issues so you can enjoy life again.

At True Life Center, We’ll Help You Feel Better

Do not spend another day addicted to substances or battling your mental health when there is treatment available to you. By working with us and our pet therapy program in CA, you have the opportunity to focus on a strong and lasting recovery. Then you can get back to the plans and dreams you had for the future before other issues got in the way of all you were going to do. With our help, you will be able and available to focus on what is important in your life. You’ll be able to build on those things in the long run. So contact True Life Center at 866.420.1792 today, and get on the road to recovery.