anxiety and alcohol treatment

Anxiety and Alcohol: Identifying and Coping With a Common Condition and Its Unhelpful Anesthetic

So many people suffer from anxiety in the modern world that it’s almost more surprising to hear when someone is not anxious about an upcoming event or relationship or conflict in their lives than to hear a long list of anxiety-related feelings. Although anxiety is a widespread condition, it’s not always crippling. Many people are…

what is alcohol abuse therapy

What Is Alcohol Abuse Therapy and How Is it Beneficial?

Millions of Americans each year suffer from alcoholism. Left untreated, alcohol use disorder can wreck your relationships with friends and loved ones, destroy your chances at a job, and can even be fatal in extreme circumstances. However, there is hope. Alcohol addiction treatment is an opportunity for someone dealing with alcohol abuse to get their…

alcohol rehab in san diego

Ask the Psychiatrist: Do I Have A Drinking Problem? Alcohol Use Fact vs. Fiction

In the movies, the character with a drinking problem is easy to spot: sullen, unemployed, and estranged, typically found drinking alone or picking fights. Outside of Hollywood fiction, however, those with a drinking problem often look like our neighbors, co-workers, loved ones, and friends. They may be highly respected in their careers, beloved by their families,…

where to go for ocd treatment

Where Should You Go for OCD Treatment?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a complex mental health disorder. This condition is characterized by unwanted thoughts and fears, often called obsessions, leading a person to engage in compulsions or repetitive, intrusive behaviors. For those with this condition, finding the right level of OCD treatment is crucial for mental health wellness. At True Life Center, we…

qualities of a great mental health treatment center

Qualities of a Great Mental Health Treatment Center

When choosing a mental health treatment center, feeling confident about the care you’ll receive is a priority. Most people need to trust that the services and staff can provide the best possible outcome while still understanding and compassionate. At our intensive outpatient program (IOP) at True Life Center in San Diego, California, we prioritize your…