a woman decides it's time to seek inpatient treatment for anxiety

10 Signs It’s Time to Seek Out Inpatient Treatment for Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time. In fact, feeling anxious is a normal function that we use to help us identify potentially dangerous situations. However, for some people, that normal function goes out of control and becomes overwhelming. People who live with an anxiety disorder might be hyper-alert, have racing thoughts or pounding heartbeats,…

a holistic mental health professional monitors the pulse of a patient

What Is Holistic Mental Health Treatment?

There are many approaches to mental health care, but one of the most comprehensive ones is holistic mental health treatment. What is holistic treatment for mental health? To put it simply, holistic treatment addresses both physical and mental well-being, ensuring that patients are being treated as whole persons rather than merely trying to alleviate symptoms.…

a therapist gets ready to discuss benefits of neurobiological integration

5 Benefits of Neurobiological Integration

Finding the proper treatment for mental health conditions can be difficult. There are many different types of therapy, medications, and other methods to consider, but how can you discover which combination of treatments will work best? An innovative and unique approach to mental health treatment is neurobiological integration (NBI), which is based on the idea…