Struggling with a mental illness or disorder such as anxiety or depression can feel isolating and make it difficult to regulate or process everyday emotions. This could in turn have a significant impact on mood, relationships, and behavior. If you need help coping with mental health symptoms that are interfering with your wellbeing, you’re not alone. Our team at True Life Center is here to share a number of coping mechanisms that can turn the tides and empower you to move forward and build a daily life rich with fulfillment and balance. One successful type of treatment that we offer is called dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). With dialectical behavior therapy, our patients can begin to make positive changes in their thinking. Read on to learn more about how a dialectical behavior therapy program could be the right fit and treatment modality for you and how our team at True Life Center in San Diego, CA can help you find tools and methods that will set you up to increase your quality of life and strengthen your relationships.

What Is A Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program?

patient learning about a dialectical behavior therapy programDialectical behavioral therapy can be a wonderful tool and ally for treating conditions such as depression or PTSD. In the dialectical behavior program at True Life, our San Diego treatment center team will use a few different kinds of therapy and training to help you, including:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy

Each of these different elements of treatment gives our patients a strong foundation to navigate life’s difficulties and challenges. We will work with you to identify and process any traumatic events from your past as well as better regulate your emotions. Through learning how to access and understand your emotions, you will be equipped to make positive choices and take healthy actions in response to any future obstacles and hardships that may arise.

Above all, a dialectical behavior therapy program can help you walk through life with fewer conflicts, allowing you to enjoy more aspects of life without the symptoms of your mental illness getting in the way.

Benefits Of A Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

There are many benefits to choosing a dialectical behavior therapy program as your primary treatment mode. DBT helps you to transform your thought process and encourages you to learn new confidence-building skills. Through group therapy, you will also learn how to work and communicate well with others which will in turn improve your interpersonal relationships at home and at work. Through the concrete cognitive changes you will make in therapy, you will be able to focus on fortifying the clarity of your own thoughts and beliefs as well as being able to better control how you react to certain situations.

Additionally, mindfulness techniques will train you to become more aware of the relationship you have with yourself and others.

True Life Center Resources

If you believe a dialectical behavior program may be right for you, contact our team of compassionate caregivers at True Life Center to learn more about the treatment and programs we offer. In addition to DBT, we offer programs such as:

Our trained, dedicated professional staff is experienced in many behavior therapy techniques. We are committed to pairing you with the right therapist, someone that you are comfortable with who can be a strong partner in your healing journey and can help you find the best treatment experience for you. Call us today at 866.420.1792 so you can learn more.