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True Life Center, an outpatient mental health treatment center in San Diego, is committed to providing patients with comprehensive healing through individualized treatment plans that explore the root cause of mental health diagnoses. Our unique treatment approach, neurobiological integration, allows the True Life Center team to support you in addressing both emotional and physical symptoms. Through our understanding of the mind-body connection, you will be guided toward authentic and sustainable wellness with our mental health treatment center.

We offer the following mental health treatment programs:

Treatment Modalities in a Mental Health Treatment Center

At True Life Center, a mental health treatment center providing an integrative healing approach, a wide range of treatment modalities are used. While you are receiving care at True Life Center, you may experience:

  • Acupuncture that pinpoints the unique emotional and physical symptoms of anxiety, depression, pain, and more
  • Art therapy that encourages emotional expression and trauma release
  • Mindfulness meditation that calms the nervous system and provides emotional regulation
  • Nutrition and fitness guidance to optimize mental clarity and healing

The goal of treatment at True Life Center is to discover the root cause of pain, trauma, and unease. Our holistic treatment modalities help you to feel better and stay well. With greater awareness of the mind-body connection, patients feel empowered to take an active role in the healing process.

What Integrative Treatment Can Help

When searching for a mental health treatment center, most patients are eager to find a program that addresses their unique goals and needs. True Life Center’s neurobiological integration approach harnesses the relationship between mind and body to create the ideal healing environment for each individual. Our integrative treatment modalities address the root cause of mental illness and addiction, as well as providing patients with the tools to manage future stressors, triggers, and trauma. Neurobiological treatment can provide relief to those struggling with:

  • Anxiety that has resulted in a dysregulated nervous system
  • Depression that has not improved with traditional once a week therapy
  • PTSD symptoms that interfere with daily life for days, or even years, following a traumatic event
  • Eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorders
  • Physical symptoms, including pain and insomnia, brought on by any of the conditions above

Integrative treatment involves looking at the psychological, biological, social, and spiritual health of each person that arrives seeking care. Through a range of modalities designed to improve health and wellness, our team will help you to rewire your stress response and find relief.

With a whole-body, patient-centered approach, you will receive the individualized care you need to heal. Wellness is possible with the help of our expert team and our innovative treatment approach.

San Diego Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

True Life Center’s neurobiological integration approach is the ideal treatment for individuals with co-occurring disorders – also known as dual diagnosis – wherein both a mental health disorder and addiction are present. Patients struggling with mental health disorders, including unresolved trauma, depression, or anxiety, benefit significantly from evidence-based therapy, such as CBT, DBT, or EMDR. True Life Center couples premier mental health counseling in San Diego with a variety of integrative therapies customized to support patients in navigating the complexities of mental health, as well as addiction and recovery. Our whole-person approach to healing makes us uniquely qualified to guide you in your journey to freedom from mental illness and substance use disorders.

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