Grief is a powerful, overwhelming feeling that can lead to detrimental personal consequences. If you’re struggling with grief, professional help can make your life much better. Without assistance from a grief counseling program or trauma treatment center, your grief symptoms grow worse. Eventually, you’ll have difficulty functioning normally in society because the effects of grief can be devastating. Problems with jobs, money, relationships, and physical wellness are inevitable. Above all, they can even cost you your sobriety. Contact our grief counseling program in San Diego at True Life Center today.

Outpatient Grief and Loss Treatment

Grief has the ability to profoundly disrupt every aspect of your life. The pain of loss, the upheaval of familiarity and safety, and a fear of the future can impact your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

There’s no right or wrong way to grieve. There’s also no typical rate of healing. However, comprehensive professional treatment can help you effectively manage symptoms. These symptoms include:

  • Restlessness
  • Shock
  • Numbness
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Changes in appetite
  • Sleep disturbances

Whether you’ve suffered the loss of a loved one, a pet, your career, or your health, True Life Center’s team of trained experts can help you restore balance to your system and rediscover your sense of meaning.

Abusing substances to cope with grief is not always a conscious decision. Instead, you possibly feel having some drinks can help to alleviate the pain you feel or keep you more relaxed. This self-medicating behavior quickly leads to problems, as you drink more each time to feel the same effects. This building tolerance quickly leads to dependence and full-blown addiction. This scenario is completely treatable through True Life Center’s grief therapy program.

Drugs and alcohol provide a numbing sensation, helping you feel relieved of your daily stress from grief. However, the substances only mask your problems. They don’t help at all. That’s the trap of drugs and alcohol. They make you feel good… so you start using them more often.

True Life Center’s Approach to Healing Grief and Loss

Our unique treatment approach, neurobiological integration (NBI), addresses grief and loss by re-calibrating the stress response in both the mind and the body. This comprehensive method restores balance to the whole system, resulting in better, more sustainable outcomes. NBI is tailored to meet your unique needs and is designed to reframe your cognitive and behavioral responses, regulate your nervous system, and restore balance to your brain chemistry.

Process Complex Thoughts and Emotions

True Life Center provides individual, couples, and group therapy options that enable you to combat isolation. They also help you cope with the stress associated with your loss, experience therapeutic processing, undergo cognitive restructuring, and develop tools for emotional regulation and resilience.

Regulate Your Nervous System

Through one-on-one mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, fitness, and bodywork sessions, our integrative practitioners work with you to calm the limbic system. Furthermore, we can rewire your stress response, alleviate physical symptoms, and establish restorative self-care practices.

Restore Balance to Your Brain Chemistry

Our highly skilled psychiatrists are interested in getting to know your story through evaluation, assessment, and regular in-person meetings. Due to your unique neurochemical makeup, our psychiatric team works with you to discuss whether medication would help you meet your treatment goals.

Grief Recovery at True Life Center

Being addicted to drugs or alcohol while experiencing the effects of grief creates a cycle of destruction. To free yourself, you need a grief counseling program provided by a quality addiction treatment center. True Life Center provides the treatment, recovery, and community you need to put your grief behind you. Above all, you can stop abusing drugs or alcohol to cope. Therefore, you should contact True Life Center now at 866.420.1792 and learn more about how help from this San Diego grief counseling program can change your life.