Integrative Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

male patient consults with female therapist during meth addiction treatment programMethamphetamine earned notoriety for its addictive properties the difficulty individuals face when trying to quit. Across the country, the dangerous cycles of meth addiction have wreaked havoc on addicted individuals and their families. Certainly, Southern California is no different. If you or a loved one is struggling, True Life Center’s meth addiction treatment program in San Diego is the solution to your problem. Our partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs offer a balanced approach to co-occurring disorders.

Identifying and Treating Methamphetamine Addiction

An effective meth addiction rehab recognizes that methamphetamine is an incredibly addictive substance. The drug, also known as speed or chalk, is a potent stimulant that can increase energy, pleasure, and mood. The drug produces an unparalleled euphoric high by causing the brain to release dopamine levels 12 times that of everyday pleasurable activities.

However, with each high comes a profound crash as the drug wears off. In an effort to avoid the crash, users resort to taking more meth, more frequently. In time, meth negatively alters brain chemistry and cognitive abilities, making it nearly impossible for meth users to experience pleasure, with or without the drug.

Meth addiction can also lead to striking changes in physical appearance, including:

  • Impairment to memory, judgment and motor coordination
  • Violent behavior
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations & delusions

Without proper treatment, meth addiction can quickly destroy a user’s body, brain, career, and relationships. Consequently, True Life’s meth addiction treatment program is what San Diego residents look toward to break free from addiction.

Signs & Symptoms of Methamphetamine Abuse

Meth addiction affects your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Knowing how to spot the signs of abuse and addiction can help you identify when it’s time to search for help for yourself or a loved one. For example, signs of methamphetamine addiction can include:

  • Increased attention and decreased fatigue
  • Increased activity and wakefulness
  • Changes to physical appearance: dilated pupils, bloodshot eyes, itching and injection marks, sores, tooth decay, weight loss
  • Altered sleep patterns
  • Decreased or increased appetite
  • Excessive nervousness or anxiety
  • Drastic mood swings
  • Rapid/irregular heartbeat

Meth Addiction Treatment Program San Diego Can Trust

Meth addiction treatment must provide both short-term symptom relief as well as nervous system regulation that will work in the long-term. The unique treatment approach practiced at True Life Center, called neurobiological integration (NBI), is designed with these needs in mind. Our team of professionals provides you with the tools necessary to regulate your nervous system and create sustainable well-being. As a result, our combination of psychiatry, psychotherapy, and integrative services help you recover from your addiction as well as restore your physical and psychological well-being.

In addition, specialized psychiatric programs can provide relief from more serious mental health disorders. Once we have completed an assessment of your needs, we can engage you with the targeted therapies and psychiatric services that you need. Mental health and addiction are often co-occurring conditions. The stress brought on by a mental health disorder often leads to self-medication, which spirals into abuse and addiction. Accordingly, alleviating the more severe symptoms allows you to work toward improving your total health. Your meth addiction treatment could include:

Find Meth Addiction Rehab in San Diego

Seeking treatment is the first step to recovery from your meth addiction. Finding outpatient treatment near where you live can allow you to keep up with your responsibilities while you work on your health.

On the other hand, if you need more rigorous treatment, an intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization program can help you. Start laying the roots of your new life. Contact True Life Center at 866.420.1792 and receive a confidential, personal assessment of your treatment needs.