For the more than 15 million U.S. adults who practice yoga, the physical and psychological benefits are evident. Even the American Psychological Association noted yoga’s growing viability as a valuable tool to maintain mental wellness. At True Life Center, our yoga therapy program helps patients who are struggling with depression, addiction, anxiety, trauma, and more. The positive benefits yoga has on the mind and body include:

  • Nervous system regulation and improved sleep
  • Enhanced awareness of sensations and emotions in the body
  • Decreased inflammation, muscle tension, pain
  • Improved focus and ability to concentrate
  • Sustainability of emotional and physical health

Treatment for mental health and addiction that includes the practice of yoga can have a positive impact on the patient’s overall ability to reduce current distress and obtain long term health.

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Improving Your Relaxation Response

Stress is a part of daily life. How quickly you are able to rebound from daily stressors – your relaxation response – can mean the difference between deteriorating mental health and comprehensive wellness. As part of True Life Center’s yoga therapy program in San Diego, our expert practitioners will teach you techniques to cope with stressors through breathing, mindfulness, and movement. As you incorporate yoga tools into your daily life, you will experience increased resilience, clarity, and flexibility of both mind and body.

How Yoga Therapy Works

When you experience a perceived threat, your nervous system’s automatic response is to enter into a “fight or flight” state. This natural biochemical reaction is extremely useful for getting and keeping us out of actual danger. The problem is when this stress response is triggered repeatedly or chronically. The psychological and physical symptoms of this hyperarousal keep individuals feeling chronic distress and even make therapy less effective.

Through the practice of yoga, patients learn to regulate their nervous system – immediately reducing their adrenaline and cortisol as well as experiencing increased calm in the face of future stressors. As the nervous system relaxes, the blood pressure and heart rate lower. Physical symptoms, from muscle pain to digestive issues, lessen. The mindfulness aspects of yoga provide patients with relief from negative thought patterns and can increase the effectiveness of traditional therapy.

Healing Your Whole Self

Physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health each play a vital role in your overall wellness. With neurobiological integration, we treat each of these aspects of your health as a way to provide you with lasting results. At True Life Center, you will receive the individual attention you need to explore the underlying root cause of your mental health or addiction. Additionally, our highly credentialed staff and mind-body approach can be customized for patients at any stage of their healing journey.

Treatment programs include a range of therapies to help you practice self-expression, self-exploration, and self-compassion that move you forward in your path to recovery. Art therapy, bodywork, mindfulness, psychotherapy,  fitness, and nutrition may be part of your weekly schedule. This integrative approach allows us to get to know you and treat you as a whole person, not just a collection of symptoms or a diagnosis.

Find Help Now

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