female patient learns to cook as part of life skills training programAt True Life Center, we believe comprehensive treatment is about more than just alleviating symptoms. Likewise, we’re committed to providing you with effective tools and strategies to feel better, re-engage with your life, and continue to thrive long after your treatment is complete. Our life skills training program provides San Diego residents with the skills they need to take back control of their total health—mind, body, and spirit.

Identifying Needs for Life Skills Training

For those who struggle with mental health or substance use disorders, personal growth often takes a backseat to daily functioning and survival. Thus, seemingly simple skills can seem impossible to learn. As recovery progresses, many patients find themselves ready to start fresh with employment, education, or relationships, but lacking the skills to do so effectively.

This can be an embarrassing situation. Feeling like you lack even the most basic skills can be stressful and humiliating. However, seeking life skills training for adults should not be an embarrassing event. Everyone had to learn these tasks at some point. Even the most basic life skills require a learning curve. In due time, the long-term rewards from these skills will give you the resources you need to take control of your total health. It’s about finding fulfillment through simple things. Building your arsenal of life skills will help you make improvements to your physical and mental health.

What Can I Learn From Life Skills Training for Adults?

A proper life skills program will cover any gaps in your abilities that concern the basic and more specialized knowledge you need in your life. Therefore, your program will be based on your unique needs. As a result, your program typically covers a number of skills that benefit you. Our experienced practitioners work with you one-on-one to learn about your unique challenges and goals to develop a plan to help you master a wide range of skills, including:

  • Creating a resume, applying for jobs, preparing for an interview
  • Organizational skills, time management, appointment setting
  • Budgeting, paying bills, setting savings goals
  • Daily chores, doing laundry, household maintenance
  • Confidence, listening, and interpersonal relationship skills
  • Nutritional coaching, grocery shopping, cooking

Adding Life Skills Training to Integrative Treatment

True Life Center provides a truly comprehensive, integrative approach to treatment. To this end, we offer psychotherapy, psychiatric treatment, and integrative services that provide for your unique needs. Individual, group, and couples therapy sessions provide a variety of counseling environments where you can examine your personal history, past traumas, or other elements that may be causing you difficulty.

Additionally, our holistic recovery program provides for your other needs. Acupuncture, yoga therapy, fitness classes, and more can help you feel more comfortable during treatment. Furthermore, meditation and mindfulness can improve your sense of awareness. Above all, these services help you take charge of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The life skills training program that San Diego residents rely on is built on this integrative approach to treatment. Treating underlying mental health conditions is essential to creating lasting change. Upon assessment for life skills training, True Life Center’s treatment professionals can evaluate your need for further psychiatric treatment. For example, individual programs can include:

Merging psychiatric treatment with integrative services means you have comprehensive care. Additionally, providing life skills training for adults means that all individuals in our care will have laid the roots for their long-term health.

Start Building the Skills for Long-Term Success

Take back command of your health. You need the life skills training program that San Diego residents depend on. Contact True Life Center for an assessment of your treatment needs. Call today at 866.420.1792.