Integrated Neurobiology for Bipolar Disorder

Having bipolar disorder can be a difficult and isolating experience, but it doesn’t have to be. At True Life Center, we understand the importance of neurobiological integration in treating bipolar disorder. We’re committed to providing patients with the tools and resources to understand their condition and achieve sustainable recovery. Our integrated approach to behavioral health…

Man sits on couch and discusses neurobiological integration vs php with health professional

Neurobiological Integration vs. Partial Hospitalization Program

At True Life Center, we practice neurobiological integration to help facilitate lifelong wellness. Neurobiological integration, or NBI, is the unique treatment approach of True Life Center. You may wonder how neurobiological integration compares to a partial hospitalization program or PHP. To learn more about neurobiological integration vs. PHP, contact True Life Center at 866.420.1792 today.…

Health professional talks to patient about neurobiological integration vs. intensive outpatient program

Neurobiological Integration vs. Intensive Outpatient Program

When it comes to treating addiction and mental health conditions, there are many different paths to recovery. Two treatment options are neurobiological integration and intensive outpatient programs. But what is the difference between these two approaches? When it comes to neurobiological integrations vs. intensive outpatient programs,  the main difference is the level of care. Contact…

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Is Medication Used in Neurobiological Integration?

Neurobiological integration is a form of therapy that focuses on the brain’s biological, psychological, and social aspects. It is a holistic approach to mental health that uses traditional therapeutic methods and medication when necessary. Medication in neurobiological integration can be used to supplement traditional therapy, reduce symptoms of mental health conditions, and help the brain…

Graphic of the brain to represent neurobiological integration in San Diego, California

Does Neurobiological Integration Have Side Effects?

The process of neurobiological integration is becoming increasingly popular in the world of addiction and mental health treatments. This therapy seeks to optimize the brain’s natural healing processes by offering a personalized approach to meet each individual’s needs. However, there has been some speculation about whether or not this type of therapy has any side…

generalized anxiety vs social anxiety

Generalized Anxiety vs. Social Anxiety

Anxiety disorders can be difficult to recognize and understand. Knowing the difference between generalized anxiety and social anxiety can help you or a loved one identify symptoms and find the best treatment plan for your needs. At True Life Center, we specialize in personalized addiction treatment and mental wellness programs that address each person’s unique…

neurobiological integration actually work

Does Neurobiological Integration Actually Work?

Addiction, depression, and other mental health issues can be incredibly difficult to overcome. You may have heard about neurobiological integration as a treatment option. However, does neurobiological integration actually work? Neurobiological integration is based on the notion that mental and emotional distress is caused by a disruption of the brain’s neurobiological systems. It is believed…

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Can You Have Panic Attacks Without Having a Panic Disorder?

If you’ve ever experienced intense fear and dread, even though you are not in danger, you may be familiar with panic attacks. These sudden episodes can be debilitating, leaving people feeling helpless and unable to cope. To make matters worse, many people don’t realize they can experience these symptoms without a panic disorder. It is…