man suffering from anxiety and depression

Anxiety and Depression: Where They Overlap & How To Find the Help You Need

Feelings of anxiety and depression are not uncommon in our overstimulated, overworked population. Although technically distinct conditions, anxiety, and depression do often trigger similar symptoms. Additionally, struggling to cope with anxiety may in fact lead to developing depression or vice-versa, they can even be two sides of the same coin. Experiencing one or more challenging…

woman thinking about anxiety and alcohol

Anxiety and Alcohol: Identifying and Coping With a Common Condition and Its Unhelpful Anesthetic

So many people suffer from anxiety in the modern world that it’s almost more surprising to hear when someone is not anxious about an upcoming event or relationship or conflict in his or her life than to hear a long list of anxiety-related feelings. Although anxiety is a widespread condition, it’s not always crippling. Many…

woman thinking about the signs of anxiety

Signs of Anxiety

Researchers are beginning to learn more and more about common mental health disorders that affect a large portion of the population, including depression and anxiety. If you’ve been feeling anxious, you’re not alone. Compassionate, trained professionals can help you identify ways to improve your symptoms so you can continue to live a healthy, balanced life.…