qualities of a great mental health treatment center

Qualities of a Great Mental Health Treatment Center

When choosing a mental health treatment center, feeling confident about the care you’ll receive is a priority. Most people need to trust that the services and staff can provide the best possible outcome while still understanding and compassionate. At our intensive outpatient program (IOP) at True Life Center in San Diego, California, we prioritize your…

benefit from psychological treatment

Can You Benefit from Psychological Treatment?

At True Life Center in San Diego, California, psychological treatment forms the core of our comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. Mental health treatment such as behavioral therapy can help you address any underlying mental health conditions that may be at the root of, or contributing to, drug and alcohol abuse. Types of Psychological Treatment When it…

what can you learn in partial hospitalization

What Can You Learn in Partial Hospitalization?

There are a variety of programs available to help individuals overcome addiction or gain relief from mental health conditions. At True Life Center in San Diego, California, we offer a partial hospitalization program and outpatient treatment programs designed to help individuals explore their mind-body connection as a tool for comprehensive healing. What’s a Partial Hospitalization…

alcohol counseling near me

Options for Alcohol Counseling Near Me

True Life Center in San Diego, California, provides an IOP (intensive outpatient program) and PHP (partial hospitalization program) that combines the latest in neuroscience with holistic wisdom to effectively treat alcohol and drug use disorders. Our alcohol addiction treatment program takes each individual’s needs and recovery goals into account. If you or a loved one are…

systematic desensitization

Learning More About Systematic Desensitization

For those struggling with an anxiety disorder, finding effective and personalized mental health treatment may seem overwhelming. At True Life Center in San Diego, California, we offer comprehensive treatment for anxiety, as well as depression, trauma disorders, substance abuse, and more. One of the techniques our team may recommend a patient explore as part of their…

what is cognitive remediation

What Is Cognitive Remediation?

If you need help improving your cognitive abilities, cognitive remediation may help. At True Life Center in San Diego, California, we offer intensive outpatient rehab and a partial hospitalization program designed to treat those living with co-occurring disorders. Our staff will help you learn more about how cognitive remediation can help you think more clearly…

neurofeedback side effects

What Are the Neurofeedback Side Effects?

Neurofeedback is a kind of biofeedback technique that involves utilizing real-time monitoring of brain activity, usually through an electroencephalography (EEG), to self-regulate brain functions. In other words, it’s a therapy modality that helps individuals train their brains over time to function more effectively, which can provide relief from symptoms of mental health conditions.  At True…