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True Life Center’s Intensive Outpatient Program offers an ideal treatment solution for those seeking an individualized approach to mental health or addiction care. Our unique treatment plans utilize neurobiological integration (NBI) to identify and heal the root cause of your condition, as well as providing you with the tools to stay well. True Life Center is San Diego’s only mental health treatment center able to provide this kind of comprehensive, integrative healing on an outpatient basis. With up to 15 hours of treatment per week, True Life’s intensive outpatient program rivals or surpasses most traditional inpatient centers in the intensity of treatment. Additionally, our program can be completed by individuals without the ability or desire to spend months away from family, work, or other responsibilities.

How Intensive Outpatient Programs Work

An intensive outpatient program is an alternative to residential rehabs for those suffering from addiction disorders or mental health. It provides more support and accountability than individual therapy, but allows patients to continue to work, attend school, or otherwise integrate treatment into their everyday lives. True Life Center’s intensive outpatient programs offers a range of therapeutic modalities designed to guide patients through their recovery journey. Support is provided through:

As a patient in True Life’s intensive outpatient program, each decision about your schedule – including the modalities of treatment that we recommend – is made to give you the best opportunity to heal. True Life’s outpatient programming model allows you to feel confident that your recovery is sustainable. Our commitment to individualized care means we design programs that integrate with your work, school, or family responsibilities. The realities of daily life, both the opportunities and challenges, are an essential part of your journey to full health.

How Neurobiological Integration Works

True Life Center’s innovative treatment approach, neurobiological integration, embraces the relationship between the mind and body, understands the intricate role of the nervous system, and utilizes a multi-disciplinary therapeutic model that restores the whole individual. NBI seamlessly interweaves modern neuroscience with psychotherapeutic and holistic body-based treatment modalities in a clinical practice. Our experienced team of doctors and practitioners works with you to rewire the dysfunctional stress response patterns at the root of your physical and emotional symptoms. With your psycho-neuro-immunologic system returned to balance, treatment becomes more effective, and true transformation can take place.

Avoid Potential Relapse

Studies by the US Department of Health and Human Services estimate that up to 90% of those who complete drug and alcohol rehabilitation will suffer at least one relapse. True Life Center’s intensive outpatient program provides patients with the tools to beat the odds, or to weather the storms. One of the benefits of outpatient programming is that treatment takes place in real life. That means that as you navigate triggers, stressors, and cravings, you have the full support of our team of experts. True Life’s neurobiological integration approach, combined with the aftercare opportunities, give you the best chance of avoiding relapse. True Life’s holistic team ensures positive treatment effects are replicable outside our center by providing you with skills, strategies, and practices for self-renewal and sustainable long-term health during:

  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Art Therapy

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True Life Center offers San Diego patients and loved ones hope through an intensive outpatient program designed to get results. With an intensive outpatient treatment that utilizes neurobiological integration,  from addiction and mental health conditions.

True Life Center is conveniently located for people who are seeking both mental health treatment and substance abuse disorder treatment outpatient services. We offer the following rehab options:

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