At True Life Center, we look beyond symptoms and diagnoses to focus on healing the whole individual. If you or a loved one are struggling with a substance use or mental health disorder, our experienced and compassionate team can help guide you to recovery. At our addiction treatment therapy program in San Diego, True Life Center stands out. Our addiction treatment therapy programs are known for their clinical excellence, integrative mind-body approach, and compassionate care.

Mental Health and Overall Wellness

By bringing awareness to the connection between your mental, physical, and spiritual health, you are able to tap into your innate healing abilities to achieve your recovery goals. Through True Life’s unique neurobiological integrative approach, our highly-credentialed and experienced team support you with evidence-based medical and holistic methods.

Conditions commonly treated at True Life Center’s addiction treatment therapy programs in San Diego include:

For individuals struggling with any of the above conditions, please know that there is hope. Many patients, even those who have not found success with more traditional treatment methods, experience healing via True Life’s unique treatment programs.

Holistic and Evidenced-Based Medical Treatment Methods

True Life succeeds where many addiction treatment therapy programs fail because our program is designed to uncover the root cause of substance use disorders. Substance use is often a coping mechanism for mental health conditions or escapism from trauma. In these cases, sustainable recovery can only be found when any underlying conditions are treated in conjunction with the addiction. A one-size-fits-all program could not possibly address your individual needs and goals, but True Life’s customized addiction treatment therapy program in San Diego can. Our combination of innovative and evidenced-based healing methods allow us to help you achieve truly comprehensive wellness.

The approach of working closely with each patient on a specific treatment plan can:

  • Introduce patients to new coping skills that help minimize stress response
  • Involve loved ones in your journey through couples and family psychotherapy
  • Encourage lifestyle changes that promote lasting change
  • Evolve along with your changing needs and goals

Treatment can include a wide variety of therapeutic modalities to improve health, restore balance, and decrease stress.

The Balance Between Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

Mental health and addiction are inextricably linked. True Life Center is uniquely equipped to treat both on an outpatient basis at our addiction treatment therapy programs. Our impressive clinical outcomes are the result of our integrative treatment methods and the abundance of individual sessions patients receive. Group therapy sessions have their place in the treatment process, but one-on-one sessions are necessary to uncover the root cause of your mental health or co-occurring disorder.

True Life Center offers an addiction treatment therapy program in San Diego that supports patients in improving their mental health, recovering from addiction, and thriving in all aspects of life.

Get the Help You Need Now

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