a therapist answers her patient's mental health treatment faqs

We understand that finding the right mental health treatment program for you or a loved one can feel overwhelming. Below, we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) concerning mental health treatment and our facilities at True Life Center. However, the best way to get your questions answered quickly, accurately, and thoroughly is to contact us.

Q.) Whom do you treat?

A.) True Life Center treats adults (ages 18+) struggling with mental health. We welcome everyone who needs to heal, including LGBTQ+ individuals, military veterans, and those who suffer from co-occurring substance use disorders.

Q.) What is an intensive outpatient program (IOP)?

A.) An IOP is an ideal solution for those who need more care and structure in a mental health treatment program as well as those for whom full-time residential treatment is not a viable or compelling option. True Life’s IOP provides up to 15 hours of individualized, integrative care each week. Additionally, our IOP allows family members to participate in our patients’ journey to achieving mental and physical well-being — a unique feature not available in similar programs at most other clinics.

Q.) What is a partial hospitalization program (PHP)?

A.) A PHP is often the highest level of outpatient care, and can also serve as an alternative to hospital admission for those in need of more consistent medical monitoring. True Life’s PHP provides 20 or more treatment hours each week. Like our IOP, our PHP allows family members to become involved in our patients’ road to healing — another unique attribute of True Life Center.

Q.) What are some of the benefits of True Life’s IOP and PHPs versus residential treatment?

A.) Our IOP and PHP have several benefits over residential treatment, including:

  • Lower costs
  • More flexibility
  • Unlimited program duration
  • Personalized, one-on-one care that leads to sustainable change

Most residential treatment programs relegate patients to a 28-day stay and limited time with care providers each day. Sometimes the providers are independent contractors who restrict sessions to only 15 minutes at a time. Even then, there is no guarantee that those 15 minutes will be in person. Sessions might take place over the phone or Skype.

At True Life Center, our compassionate, experienced staff members work together to ensure you receive personalized help when you need it. Our programs cost approximately a quarter of the cost of the average residential treatment program, and we take care to help you can balance your treatment with your other responsibilities.

Q.) How do True Life’s outpatient offerings compare to residential treatment?

A.) Much like our IOP and PHP, our outpatient program provides benefits that most residential treatment programs lack. These benefits include:

  • Lower cost
  • More flexibility
  • The freedom to go home whenever you like
  • Continuing personalized care
  • Keeping the same doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists that you had during our IOP and PHP

Residential treatment patients don’t spend most of their time with care providers. Instead, they eat, sleep, participate in group activities, and attend mandatory meetings.

At True Life Center, we spend every second helping you get better. When you aren’t at True Life, your time is yours. The freedom we give our OP patients allows them to attend to other responsibilities.

Additionally, we work together to prepare you for life post-True Life. We know that your mental health issues have likely prevented you from attending normal life responsibilities. So, we invest time in helping you learn beneficial coping skills that will guide you through your day-to-day functions.

We want you to succeed at True Life and beyond. As part of our OP program, we continue to work with you one-on-one to ensure you achieve the sustainable, long-lasting change you need.

Q.) How are families and loved ones included in treatment?

A.) Mental health conditions don’t just affect us. They affect the people around us, including our family members and loved ones.

We understand that as you heal, your family must heal as well. To help, True Life Center hosts a monthly family program. Our program invites your family members and loved ones to our center for an afternoon of education and support.

Additionally, we maintain regular communication with your family members and loved ones. To keep them informed of your progress, we offer family therapy sessions as well as weekly conference calls.

Q.) How long is the program, and what happens after it is completed?

A.) We begin by scheduling patients for eight weeks. Throughout those eight weeks, you will have regular meetings with our Program Director to discuss progress and make any necessary changes to your individualized program. After the completion of the eight weeks, you may continue your program for as long as you need to feel better.

Q.) What kind of support is available outside of the program?

A.) We host a variety of mental health and addiction support groups to help both our patients and members of the greater community connect with those who have struggled with similar issues.

We’re always happy to make recommendations so you can find the support group that best aligns with your needs and goals. Additionally, we have an expansive and diverse network of industry colleagues to whom we can refer you.