Every day, thousands of people struggle with an anxiety disorder without realizing that they have one. To a degree, anxiety is a completely normal human experience. It’s a useful tool for motivating us to make changes or remove ourselves from potentially harmful situations. In extreme cases, this mechanism breaks down, causing people to experience extreme anxiety or have anxious reactions to everyday situations. In these instances, an anxiety disorder treatment program from a reputable provider is the best option for dealing with these issues. Such a program can help to retrain the brain’s response to anxious situations.

At True Life Center, our team provides an anxiety disorder treatment program to help people learn how to cope with anxiety symptoms and feel more at ease with themselves. We provide a variety of different anxiety treatment programs including generalized anxiety disorder treatment, OCD treatment, panic disorder treatment, and social anxiety disorder treatment. We believe in comprehensive care that addresses both the underlying causes of anxiety and teaches strategies to minimize the effects of this disorder. If you or someone you care about may benefit from our anxiety disorder treatment program, reach out to True Life Center today by calling 866.420.1792 or completing our online form.

True Life Center’s Anxiety Disorder Treatment Program

anxiety disorder treatment program san diego californiaAnxiety signals dangerous, uncomfortable, or unfamiliar situations so that we remain aware and alert. However, for those suffering from an anxiety disorder, the warning signal often sounds loudly and consistently with no “off” switch in sight.

Like all mental health conditions, anxiety stores in the body on a cellular level and causes the nervous system to operate from a constant state of hyper-arousal and hypo-arousal. This prolonged stress response causes emotional, physiological, and physical changes that disrupt normal body functioning and can have long-term consequences for your health. Symptoms range from unease and irritability to insomnia and heart palpitations and can quickly progress from distressing to debilitating.

The physical and psychological effects of anxiety are, in fact, particularly damaging. It can cause significant issues in normal daily functioning. This makes professional medical treatment from a reputable facility an absolute necessity. On top of this, anxiety issues will frequently accompany drug abuse and addiction. As the person comes to rely on a particular substance, it can eventually replace their own natural ability to cope with stress and anxiety. Such dependence often requires addiction treatment along with a quality anxiety disorder treatment program.

True Life Center’s Approach to Healing Anxiety Disorders

Our evidence-based treatment approach, neurobiological integration (NBI), addresses anxiety disorders by re-calibrating the stress response in both the mind and the body. This component of True Life’s intensive outpatient treatment program restores balance to the whole system, resulting in better, more sustainable outcomes. NBI is also tailored to meet your unique needs and is designed to reframe your cognitive and behavioral responses, regulate your nervous system, and restore balance to your brain chemistry.

At True Life Center, our team provides programs to help with many types of anxiety, such as:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder – This type of anxiety disorder can occur without a specific trigger or cause. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) produces chronic and excessive worry about everyday things, such as money, health, family, work, or other issues. Although everyone has times when they worry, but generalized anxiety disorder can be identified when someone cannot control worry nearly every day for at least six months.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder – People with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) have recurring thoughts, known as obsessions, that compels them to perform repetitive tasks or behaviors, known as compulsions. Without proper treatment, OCD can take over a person’s life. Typical compulsions include excessive handwashing, compulsively counting, and rearranging objects in a specific order.
  • Panic disorder – This anxiety disorder causes people to have sudden attacks of panic and fear. Panic attacks typically last five to ten minutes and cause symptoms such as an increased heart rate, shortness of breath, and chest pains. Often, there is no cause for a panic attack, and these attacks can be debilitating.
  • Social anxiety disorder – Social anxiety disorder may be the most common type of anxiety. Many people feel uncomfortable in social situations, but social anxiety disorder causes people to be terrified of these simple interactions. People with social anxiety disorder feel as though they will definitely do something embarrassing in a social situation and cause others to dislike them.

Develop Emotional Resilience

True Life Center provides individual, couples, and group therapy options. These empower you to better understand your illness, experience therapeutic processing, undergo cognitive restructuring, and also develop tools for emotional regulation and resilience.

Regulate Your Nervous System

Through one-on-one mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, fitness, and bodywork sessions, True Life Center’s integrative practitioners are here to help. They’ll work with you to calm the limbic system, rewire your stress response, alleviate physical symptoms, and, above all, establish restorative self-care practices.

Restore Balance to Your Brain Chemistry

Psychiatry at True Life Center goes far beyond medication. Our highly skilled psychiatrists learn about you through evaluation, assessment, and regular in-person sessions. With knowledge of your unique neurochemical makeup in mind, we can then develop an effective course of action. Of course, our psychiatric team works with you to discuss whether medication would help you meet your treatment goals.



Mental Health Treatment for Anxiety

Today, there exists an unfortunate stigma revolving around the idea of mental health treatment. Those with mental disorders are sometimes seen as weak. This can stop people from getting the help they need. You shouldn’t ignore anxiety disorder. Instead, you should treat it professionally. Above all, treat it at a reputable facility using evidence-based methods. Fortunately, True Life Center in San Diego can help.

The truth is that there is no “cure” for anxiety, but we help people learn to live with anxiety and reduce the effect that anxiety may have on their lives. Although it may be difficult for some to believe, it is possible to live a happy and productive life despite the effects of anxiety. The key is to reach out for help at True Life Center. Our team has years of experience in the mental health field, and we are committed to providing holistic care for anxiety treatment. Take the first step towards better health and well-being today by contacting our True Life Center team. Call 866.420.1792 or complete our online form today, and get started on a better, less anxious life.

True Life Center for Wellbeing is amazing. It’s truly a healing place and what they have to offer is fantastic. I have met with lots of their staff (Dr. Roybal, Anissa Bell, Dr. Spease, Shaunie, Nia, and even Ruby their therapy dog) and they are all so incredibly caring and compassionate. I love the fact that they offer holistics as well as helping with anxiety and trauma. A fantastic program!

-Keith Fosgett

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