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When considering mental health treatment, it is essential to be educated on the many different care options available. There are 24/7 inpatient hospital programs all the way down to outpatient mental health clinics. No one treatment approach or level of care works for every patient. However, a partial hospitalization program in San Diego may work for you.

It is critical to consider the different elements of care prior to making your decision as to what is the best treatment center for your current condition:

Many patients will greatly benefit from a partial hospitalization program (PHP). Read on to learn what a partial hospitalization program in San Diego looks like.

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

True Life Center offers a new way forward for those seeking an integrative approach to mental health and addiction care. We’re focused on discovering the root cause of illness, passionate about providing innovative treatment solutions and dedicated to supporting you on your healing journey.

True Life’s intensive partial hospitalization program offers up to 20 hours of individualized care each week. Since mental health conditions don’t affect any two individuals in the same way, no two treatment plans are exactly alike. We consider the psychological, biological, social, and spiritual aspects of your condition before customizing a path to authentic wellness. Patients do not have to go away to a residential treatment center or hospital to experience comprehensive, in-depth, long term care for complex mental health conditions. You can stay in your own life, sleep in your own bed, and possibly even continue working at your job.

A partial hospitalization program may include:

  • Comprehensive assessment and ongoing diagnosis refinement
  • Crisis stabilization and acute symptom reduction
  • Alleviation of severe mental and physical symptoms of panic, depression, or mania
  • Outpatient detox for benzos or alcohol
  • Family and/or couples therapy
  • Integrative body-based therapy
  • Psychotherapy (CBT, DBT, EMDR, psychodynamic approach)

The tools learned through our neurobiological integrative approach can greatly increase the chances not only of a reduction of acute symptoms but of optimal sustainable health.

Who Qualifies for a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program is meant to be a stepping stone between residential or hospital inpatient care and an intensive outpatient program. If a patient no longer needs 24-hour monitoring and assistance, they may then be considered for a partial hospitalization program.

To receive the maximum benefit from a partial hospitalization program, a patient should be exhibiting several suggested characteristics, such as the following:

  • Motivation – Strong desire for personal mental and physical health
  • Treatment adherence – Willingness to follow treatment recommendations and work closely with their treatment team providers
  • Verbal expression and self-advocacy – Ability to verbalize within both one-on-one and group therapy settings comfortably
  • Personal and social safety – Must be deemed to pose no acute or imminent risk to self or others

To learn more about who qualifies, please reach out today.

What Are the Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program serves as an effective bridge between inpatient and outpatient mental health care. Additionally, there are several other advantages to a partial hospitalization program. One advantage is quality comprehensive care at a much lower cost. In fact, the cost of a partial hospitalization program is often only about a quarter to half of the cost of inpatient residential care.

Convenience is also a large benefit of a partial hospitalization program. Patients value the ability to return to normal life settings such as home, family, and work. Yet, they continue to receive effective mental health care.

In addition, patients enrolled in a partial hospitalization program report better self-esteem levels. Patients can gain support from others in the mental health community while feeling more independent in their day-to-day lives.

A partial hospitalization program also offers the opportunity for extended evaluation at and after the point of real-life reintegration. Therapists and peer groups can assist patients in sorting through the stimuli that come with daily life experiences. Learn the life-sustaining practices and skills while actually being in your life versus a treatment bubble.

Where Can I Find a Partial Hospitalization Program?

If you are searching for a partial hospitalization program near San Diego, True Life Center can meet your mental health needs. True Life Center offers an adults-only program of up to 20 hours per week of mental health treatment.

As a first-class mental health and addiction treatment facility, True Life Center also offers a wide variety of other services which includes:

  • PTSD treatment
  • Depression therapy
  • Meditation
  • Neurobiological integration

In addiction we also offer alcohol and drug addiction treatment. We see addiction through a mental health lens.

If you are struggling with an addiction or are interested in a partial hospitalization program in San Diego, CA, please contact our highly credentialed staff at 866.420.1792. You shouldn’t have to suffer from addiction or mental health struggles any longer. True Life Center can help you take that first step on the road to health and recovery!

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