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young woman and therapist beginning work at the Acute Stress Disorder Treatment Center San Diego offersIn the weeks following a traumatic event, some people may develop a condition known as Acute Stress Disorder. As with PTSD, acute stress disorder is caused by witnessing or experiencing an event that creates intense fear, horror, or hopelessness. Unlike PTSD, however, a diagnosis of acute stress disorder is only considered from three days to one month following the traumatic incident. Symptoms lasting longer than a month indicate the possibility of PTSD or another mental health condition.

When you believe you’re struggling with this disorder, you need to seek acute stress disorder treatment. Professional trauma therapy from True Life Center will help you learn how to manage your symptoms and triggers in order to live a full, healthy life.

Signs & Symptoms of Acute Stress Disorder

Symptoms of an acute stress disorder fall into five general categories: intrusion, negative mood, dissociation, avoidance, and arousal. Each symptom may be associated with one or more of the following:

  • Feeling numb, detached, or being emotionally unresponsive
  • Reduced awareness of surroundings
  • Derealization: your environment seeming strange or unreal
  • Feeling disconnected from your own thoughts or emotions
  • Dissociative amnesia

Acute Stress Disorder Treatment at True Life Center

Acute stress disorder can be effectively treated with a combination of psychotherapy, psychiatric interventions, and integrative services. Treatments such as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) have a very high success rate in the treatment of acute stress disorder. In addition, a number of medications have proven to be useful in alleviating symptoms. Through True Life’s evidence-based neurobiological approach to healing, patients with acute stress disorder can learn to move their bodies from “fight or flight” mode to safety and calm. Furthermore, patients with acute stress disorder learn to mitigate trauma’s impact on the mind and body, and develop strategies for sustainable health practices.

About True Life Center

We’re proud to be the acute stress disorder treatment center San Diego turns to. Above all, we take an evidence-based neurobiological integration approach to our treatment. As a result, we can help our clients achieve their goals of lasting recovery. True Life Center also provides an outpatient dual diagnosis treatment center for those struggling with their mental health as well as addiction. Our addiction treatment programs include the following:

Some holistic treatment programs we also offer include:

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