Treatment Focused on Your Health

individual experiencing the acupuncture treatment program San Diego provides

At True Life Center, we feel confident that acupuncture has a place in a truly comprehensive healing regimen. We’ve seen firsthand the ways this ancient treatment modality has contributed to improved physical and mental health for our patients. True Life Center’s expert acupuncture practitioners are experienced working with individuals suffering from mental health and substance use disorders. Each session is tailored to be of most benefit to you and your recovery goals. Acupuncture can be used to:

  • Restore proper function of the nervous system
  • Improve overall wellness by unblocking energy
  • Reduce stress levels and allow for relaxation
  • Decrease pain, inflammation, and poor mobility

Acupuncture is a mainstay in traditional Chinese medicine for its energetic healing properties. Now increasingly recognized in the United States as a complementary treatment for everything from nausea to anxiety, acupuncture is gaining popularity among treatment centers. The training of our practitioners and our uniquely collaborative healing environment make True Life Center a leader in this holistic arena.

How Acupuncture Takes Place

Many patients are unsure of what to expect during an initial acupuncture session. A bit of nervousness is completely normal, and our acupuncturists will be sure to let you know what to expect,  answer any questions you may have, and proceed with a treatment that is within your comfort level. Though there are needles involved, most are surprised to discover that the process is painless. The hair-thin needles are expertly placed around various areas of the body as a way of stimulating pressure points and moving stagnant energy. Your only job is to relax comfortably. Patients often report experiencing some symptom relief after just one session.

Natural Healing and Acupuncture

One of the benefits of a holistic approach to treatment is the way therapeutic modalities complement one another. Acupuncture, while extremely effective, doesn’t negatively interfere with any medications you are taking or additional treatments you are receiving. In fact, the nervous system regulation provided by acupuncture often enhances the depth and quality of therapy sessions. This integrative approach taps into your unique healing abilities to encourage natural healing and sustainable recovery.

The Environment Within an Acupuncture Treatment Program

When looking for an acupuncture treatment program in San Diego, patients are often seeking symptom relief provided by expert practitioners in a professional and comfortable environment. True Life Center is proud to offer exactly that. Our experienced and licensed acupuncturists are talented and compassionate, creating an ideal environment for you to relax and engage in the healing process. Our facility offers convenience, privacy, and comfort. During your acupuncture treatment, you can expect:

  • A restful space where meditation, daydreaming, or listening to music is encouraged
  • A professional and compassionate assessment of your symptoms
  • Prompt attention to any concerns and continual assessment of your comfort
  • A feeling of relaxation and relief following the session

This holistic approach to mental health and addiction treatment allows our team to really get to know you as an individual and to tailor each session for your needs. The connection between mental health and physical health is well documented. Through integrative modalities like acupuncture, we are able to meet you where you are at to encourage total transformation.

Find Healing Now for Mental Health and Wellness

You deserve to have your mental health and well-being be a priority. Contact True Life Center in San Diego at 866.420.1792 to learn more about the services we offer to improve your health.