Outpatient Opiate Addiction Treatment

patient undergoes counseling during opiate addiction treatmentThere is no shortage of news coverage detailing the American opioid epidemic. But beyond the splashy headlines and shocking statistics, individuals struggling with the pain and hopelessness of opioid addiction often feel alone. The stress and stigma surrounding abuse and treatment can leave you paralyzed. Learn more about the opiate addiction treatment program San Diego residents trust.

Identifying Abuse and the Need For Opioid Addiction

Frequently prescribed to relieve chronic pain, opioids have the potential to be highly addictive. Once individuals start abusing or misusing these medications, it can be nearly impossible for them to stop on their own. When cravings and tolerance increase, people may resort to “doctor shopping” or mixing prescriptions with alcohol or other drugs. Cravings and withdrawal symptoms rarely go away on their own, creating intense desperation.

Therefore, opiate-addicted individuals look for other ways to feel better. Heroin, an illegal opioid drug that is cheap and easy to obtain, often serves as an attractive, and even more lethal, substitute for its prescription counterparts. However, prescription opiates are no less dangerous. Even though a doctor prescribes opiates, legitimate use can spiral into self-medication and addiction. Aside from a host of health consequences ranging from tremors to respiratory depression, users are at increased risk of engaging in dangerous behavior, contracting infectious diseases, or facing incarceration.

Signs & Symptoms of Opioid addiction

  • Needing to take more of the drug to get the same effect
  • Persistently wanting to quit, or trying unsuccessfully to quit
  • Spending a lot of time and effort to obtain, use and recover from opioids
  • Continuing to use opioids despite negative consequences
  • Crushing, snorting, smoking or injecting opioids
  • Running out of prescription medications early
  • Accessing two or more physicians for prescriptions
  • Escalating use
  • Buying opioids on the street
  • Feeling ill (withdrawal) when the use of opioids suddenly stops
  • Prioritizing use over family, work, or other responsibilities

The Opiate Addiction Treatment Program San Diego Residents Trust

True Life Center’s unique approach, called neurobiological integration (NBI), provides both short-term symptom relief and long-term nervous system regulation. Above all, this evidence-based approach supports successful long-term recovery. True Life Center tailors its programs to meet your unique needs. We treat underlying mental health conditions, regulate the nervous system, and provide sustainable well-being. Our approach, consisting of psychiatry, psychotherapy, and integrative services, supports your recovery and restores your mind, body, and spirit. Opiate addiction rehab can include:

Integrative services provide a holistic element to opiate addiction rehab. Other aspects of True Life Center’s program include fitness classes and bodywork. As you become more aware of your physical condition, you can focus wholly on your emotional and mental well-being.

Psychiatric Treatment at Opiate Addiction Rehab

In many cases, a serious mental health condition underlies an addiction. Opiates, powerful pain killers, provide physical relief to severe mental health symptoms. For example, opiates can be used to ease pain or discomfort from stress or anxiety. Even with a prescription, self-medication with these drugs often spirals into abuse.

Consequently, our integrative approach includes access to our psychiatric treatment center for any of your individual needs. These services are used in conjunction with traditional therapy. During treatment, you find relief from the most severe symptoms. In due time, we treat the underlying roots of addiction and focus on your total healing.

Enrolling in Opiate Addiction Rehab

Start planting the roots of a life free from opiate addiction. Consider the opiate addiction treatment program that San Diego residents trust. Contact True Life Center at 866.420.1792 for a private assessment of your treatment needs.