female life coach leads a group session of transitional life coachingMany individuals take for granted the cognitive load of daily living. Your brain is constantly receiving new information, processing old information, and engaging in the focus, filtering, and control that allows you to do everything from earning a Ph.D. to buying an ice cream cone. For those with excellent executive function skills, these cognitive tasks primarily hum along in the background, like a computer’s browser window that’s been minimized. However, for those with less competent executive functioning (sometimes referred to as Executive Dysfunction), the mental load is at the forefront of awareness, like a browser window with thousands of open tabs: chaotic and cumbersome. True Life Center provides executive function coaching for adults ready to optimize their executive function skills as a means of increasing overall wellbeing

What Is Executive Function?       

Executive function refers to the set of skills used to navigate daily life. Simply put, executive functioning skills operate as the brain’s management system, and allow individuals to get things done.   

Executive function skills are developed through life experience and through practice. Most children will develop these skills most rapidly during several key phases, including ages 3-5, adolescence, and young adulthood, though certain conditions can impede the development of executive functioning or lead to executive function regression.  

The three main categories of executive functioning are working memory, cognitive flexibility, and inhibitory control, though we typically associate executive functioning with individual skills, including: 

  • Emotional regulation 
  • Self-monitoring 
  • Memory 
  • Time management 
  • Organization 
  • Task initiation 
  • Goal setting 
  • Prioritizing 
  • Sustained attention 
  • Problem-solving 

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Executive Function and Mental Health Conditions  

Mental health conditions can complicate or impede executive function. The good news, however, is that executive function skills can often be gained or restored as mental health is treated. While all mental health conditions are prone to affecting executive function, it may be most evident in those struggling with: 

  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
  • Autism spectrum disorder 
  • Depression  
  • Substance use disorder 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder 

Treating the underlying mental health condition naturally leads to an increase in executive functioning for most, but to truly optimize executive function skills in a way that addresses the individual’s unique needs and challenges, one-on-one coaching with a skilled provider can lead to positive transformation.     

How Does Executive Function Coaching Work? 

By utilizing evidence-based practices, a trained professional can help you identify your goals, areas of need, and the tools best suited for your circumstances. As with most therapeutic relationships, a strong connection and sense of collaboration between provider and patient will lead to the best outcomes. A good coach will lead you through executive function assessments to establish a baseline, as well as encouraging self-reflection and self-advocacy, providing accountability, introducing beneficial strategies and framework, and providing motivation.   

Executive Function Coaching at True Life Center 

True Life Center’s Executive Function Coaching in San Diego, CA, is provided as part of an outpatient program that includes a comprehensive assessment, mind-body treatment modalities, and personalized psychoeducation for you and your loved ones that provide clarity and a path forward. While schedules are customized for each individual, your program may include: 

  • One-on-one behavioral, cognitive, and somatic therapies 
  • Medication management with our full-time psychiatrist  
  • Executive function coaching 
  • Bodywork to regulate the nervous system 
  • Family program/family therapy for loved ones 
  • Mindfulness movement and meditation 
  • Expert guidance on nutrition, movement, and sleep    
  • Distress tolerance and emotion regulation techniques

Patients participating in our outpatient program can expect to see benefits including:  

  • Increase in executive functioning 
  • Enhanced communication skills 
  • Enhanced self-esteem and confidence 
  • Development of coping strategies 
  • Equilibrium of nervous system 
  • Reduction of unpleasant physical symptoms 
  • Improved quality of life 
  • Improved emotion regulation & distress tolerance

Contact Us About True Life Center’s Executive Function Coaching in San Diego  

At True Life Center, we believe in empowering individuals to reach their full potential. If you or a loved one are struggling with issues related to executive functioning, please give us a call at 866.420.1792 or contact us online.  

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to listening to your unique needs and helping you explore treatment options. Seeking help can be challenging, but is a crucial first step on your way to holistic wellness through True Life Center’s Executive Function Coaching Program in San Diego, California.