Making the decision to get treatment for drug and alcohol use is one of the bravest moves you can make for your recovery and for your life. At True Life Center, we want to ensure you get the very best support. We also want to make sure you get the resources you need to make the most out of this experience. Our team is dedicated to working closely with you to support each of your needs while you are on your recovery journey. When you take a closer look at our outpatient drug rehab near Rancho Santa Fe, CA, you can expect exceptional help.

Why Is an Outpatient Drug Rehab near Rancho Santa Fe, CA the Right Decision for You?

man getting outpatient drug rehab near rancho santa fe, caOne of the most important things to know about drug addiction is that it is very hard to stop using on your own. You may not spend every day intoxicated or be at risk of overdosing. Yet, you know that drugs play a big role in your health right now. It also is impacting all areas of your life from work to at-home life. You can change this.

Our outpatient drug rehab near Rancho Santa Fe, CA can provide you with the support and solutions you need to achieve recovery. Our outpatient treatment center is designed to feel like home. It is calming, welcoming, and comfortable. Each time you come in to see us, you will feel comfortable. We encourage you to open up and speak to each member of our team.

To help you, we offer a treatment plan designed for your needs. That means you may benefit from our partial hospitalization program (PHP) or intensive outpatient program (IOP). Both options give you access to evidence-based approaches to drug rehab.

We Do Not Just Focus on Drug Addiction

Our drug addiction treatment program near Rancho Santa Fe, CA goes further than just providing you with a way to get sober. We also provide you with tools to help you heal the underlying cause of your drug or alcohol addiction or the resulting mental health conditions it brings on. This may include depression therapy, generalized anxiety disorder treatment, and a trauma therapy program. You may be using drugs to hide the symptoms of these mental health disorders or, the disorders brought on your use of drugs. Our dual diagnosis treatment options can help to resolve both issues at the same time.

What You Can Expect from Our Team

When you enroll in our outpatient drug rehab near Rancho Santa Fe, CA, you will work closely with our professional team to determine the right level of care that is best for you in your recovery. Then, you will come in to see our team to receive care in a luxury, comfortable environment. We offer what you need to help you feel at home including:

  • A full gym with exercise programs
  • Acupuncture treatment
  • Pet therapy
  • Art therapy
  • One-on-one meditation – and much more

We use the most modern treatment options to help ensure you get on the path towards recovery and remain working towards your best outcome.

Find the Treatment You Need Now at True Life Center

As an outpatient drug rehab near Rancho Santa Fe, CA, our team at True Life Center is committed to providing you with the tools and resources you need to start on the path to recovery and to stay sober for a lifetime. Our highly trained, experienced, and credentialed staff is ready to help you overcome addiction today. Call us at 866.420.1792 to learn more about what your treatment options are and how we can help you.