Are you struggling to find the ability to get through the day without the use of drugs? Is your mental health taking a beating from the complications and stress that addiction is causing you? Let our team at True Life Center provide you with the guidance and support you need for drug addiction recovery. When you need outpatient drug rehab near La Mesa, CA, our professional team is ready to provide that to you and help you get on the path to recovery for a lifetime.

Why Choose Us for Outpatient Drug Rehab Near La Mesa, CA?

woman biking at an outpatient drug rehab near La Mesa CAWith a welcoming, positive environment available to you at True Life Center, our team can provide you with the supportive environment you need to start healing. Our intensive outpatient program near La Mesa, CA is designed to use intensive outpatient treatment services that combine scientific, and proven methods for healing along with providing holistic, healing resources. When you work with our team, you will have a full staff of dedicated professionals available to provide you with a personalized experience for your recovery.

Our outpatient drug rehab near La Mesa, CA provides each patient with resources to meet your addiction needs. We can help you with:

Drug Rehab Is Not Just About No Longer Using

No matter what type of drug use you struggle with, getting help is not just about breaking the physical addiction. That is a step in the process and one that we will help you to achieve at True Life Center. However, our team also focuses on your mental health needs at our mental health treatment center. To treat these mental health needs, we create a structured treatment plan that addresses the underlying cause of your addiction and allows you to improve your mental health and treat your addiction at the same time.

For some people, past trauma has put them in a place of being unable to heal and move forward. You may be using drugs as a way to manage these feelings. You could be facing ongoing depression and using drugs to handle the symptoms. It is very common for people to suffer from underlying mental health disorders along with their drug addiction.

What Makes Our Treatment Different?

When you enroll in our outpatient drug rehab near La Mesa, CA, you will find a wide range of benefits. First, our highly credentialed staff is dedicated to working closely with each person, creating a path towards your success. Each professional is selected based on their experience and ability to help those with needs.

Our luxury office services are welcoming and modern. They offer a range of services you can use including:

  • A full gym
  • Pet therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Exercise therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Neurobiological integration services

Our outpatient alcohol detox center in San Diego is designed to be calming and soothing, creating a place where you feel like you are at home. When you come in for the care we offer, you will find that this is a safe place, one that you will want to spend time in. It is ideal for allowing you to heal.

Embrace Your Future by Calling True Life Center Today

If you are seeking outpatient drug rehab near La Mesa, CA, our team at True Life Center wants to help you. Our counselors are available to talk to you about your future in recovery, which includes talking about what steps you need to take to achieve your best outcome. Contact us today by calling 866.420.1792 to get the help you deserve.