Although alcohol is legal, it is also physically and psychologically addictive. Sadly, alcohol contributes to tens of thousands of deaths each year, many related to drunk driving. Long-term alcohol use can cause irreversible liver damage, making it especially important to quit drinking before you experience serious medical problems. While alcohol abuse impacts tens of millions of people, only a handful seek help at an outpatient alcohol detox. Since alcoholism is a chronic, incurable condition, an alcohol addiction treatment program can significantly improve recovery outcomes.

Because alcohol is addictive, it can be difficult to quit without help. Frequently, it can cause serious withdrawal symptoms. Treatment programs, like those offered at True Life Center’s outpatient alcohol detox center in San Diego, can help you successfully achieve sobriety.

What is Alcoholism?

man takes a second to pause during outpatient alcohol detoxAlcoholism occurs when you become physically or psychologically dependent on alcohol. Alcoholism can cause you to drink despite experiencing serious consequences, such as health or legal problems. Despite understanding that drinking causes bad things to happen, you continue drinking. You can experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking, making it hard to quit without professional help.

Several other symptoms of alcoholism include:

  • Needing to drink more as your tolerance increases
  • Experiencing frequent blackouts
  • Drinking alone
  • Saying or doing things while drunk that you later regret
  • Engaging in dangerous or illegal activities when drunk

Alcoholism can cause arguments and conflict with friends and family members and damage your relationships. When you become dependent on alcohol, you may neglect other responsibilities, such as going to work. Constant hangovers or withdrawal symptoms may prevent you from going to school or work or cause you to miss family and social events.

Alcoholism causes people to become isolated from friends and family, which can lead to increased feelings of depression. Heavy drinking can overwork your liver and worsen underlying medical problems. Alcohol dependency can also bring about legal problems, such as drunk driving charges. You may even lose your driving privileges, making it hard to keep your job.

What is an Outpatient Alcohol Detox Program?

Alcohol withdrawal can cause serious, and even life-threatening, symptoms. Complications from alcohol withdrawal, such as delirium tremors, can be prevented by attending an outpatient alcohol detox program. True Life’s outpatient alcohol detox center in San Diego provides therapy that can help you better manage your withdrawal symptoms. Evidence-based therapeutic modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) target the roots of your addiction, providing long-lasting healing.

During detox, medications can help combat withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and insomnia, making you more comfortable. Additionally, dual diagnosis treatment helps with any co-existing mental health disorders that could complicate your recovery if left untreated. In many cases, severe mental health symptoms drive an individual to self-medicate with alcohol, and the cycle begins to perpetuate itself.

Another benefit of True Life’s outpatient alcohol detox program is that it allows you to return home during the evening while continuing your treatment. The added flexibility of an outpatient program allows you to continue to work or go to school.

Our alcohol addiction treatment program also provides you with evidence-based and holistic treatments that can prepare you for things like triggers and cravings. Group and individual therapy can help you learn how to manage conflict and negative emotions. Comprehensive mental health counseling assists with co-occurring disorders that fuel (or are caused by) your addiction.

Finding Help Today

If you or a loved one is struggling with a drinking problem or alcoholism, finding help can seem overwhelming. True Life’s outpatient alcohol detox center in San Diego provides you with the support and treatment you need to overcome the initial phase of recovery: detox. Receiving treatment during withdrawal and detox can greatly improve your ability to remain sober.

True Life Center, which provides premier mental health and substance abuse treatment in a luxury outpatient alcohol detox setting, is here to guide you on your recovery journey. If you would like to learn more information about our nationally recognized programs, contact us today at 866.420.1792.