a man chooses a neurobiological integration program in orange county to re-regulate his nervous system and improve his mental health

Why Choose Neurobiological Integration in Orange County?

Finding addiction treatment that works for you in your area can be incredibly difficult, especially if you’re looking for non-traditional treatment. If you are in search of neurobiological integration treatment in California, True Life Center has exactly what you need. Reach out to one of our medical professionals today to set up a consultation via…

Woman managing her neurobiological integration expectations

What to Expect in Neurobiological Integration

In life, it’s always important to manage your expectations. That goes for neurobiological integration treatment as well. Integration treatment is a treatment approach that combines different therapies to target the root cause of a person’s mental health condition. It is also sometimes referred to as “comprehensive treatment.” This approach can treat conditions like depression, anxiety,…

a young woman prepares to enroll in a neurobiological integration program to improve her mental health

Preparing for a Neurobiological Integration Program

Neurobiological integration is a unique approach discovered by True Life Center, in which a multidisciplinary team of providers works together to bring you not only symptom relief but also encourage the facilitation of life-long wellness. Mental illness begins with a dysregulation of the nervous system. This means that people experience physiological symptoms of anxiety, trauma,…

a man struggles to cope with his social anxiety at work and thinks it may be time to seek anxiety treatment options

5 Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety at Work

Dealing with social anxiety disorders at work is a continuous process that requires a person to recognize the day-to-day impact of the disorder on their career and identify solutions. The first step toward managing your social anxiety at work is to receive a diagnosis and enter treatment. If you have been feeling particularly anxious at…

a woman deals with a panic attack

Common Signs and Symptoms of an Anxiety Attack

Anxiety is a common experience that most people have during the course of their lifetime. For some people, though, anxiety becomes intense, persistent, and overwhelming. Some anxiety sufferers even have anxiety attacks, which are episodes of intense anxiety that can have physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. If you or someone you care about has experienced…

a person takes is addicted to benzos and takes them from a medicine bottle

Signs and Symptoms of Benzodiazepine Addiction

Benzodiazepines are a class of medication that is often prescribed to relieve symptoms of anxiety on a short-term basis. Even though they are relatively safe to take under the close supervision of a doctor, benzodiazepines do have a risk for abuse and addiction. Some people who benefit from taking these medications may eventually find that…

a woman decides it's time to seek inpatient treatment for anxiety

10 Signs It’s Time to Seek Out Inpatient Treatment for Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time. In fact, feeling anxious is a normal function that we use to help us identify potentially dangerous situations. However, for some people, that normal function goes out of control and becomes overwhelming. People who live with an anxiety disorder might be hyper-alert, have racing thoughts or pounding heartbeats,…

a holistic mental health professional monitors the pulse of a patient

What Is Holistic Mental Health Treatment?

There are many approaches to mental health care, but one of the most comprehensive ones is holistic mental health treatment. What is holistic treatment for mental health? To put it simply, holistic treatment addresses both physical and mental well-being, ensuring that patients are being treated as whole persons rather than merely trying to alleviate symptoms.…