woman wondering do you need a ptsd treatment program

Do You Need a PTSD Treatment Program?

Trauma is a condition that develops when the mind or body feels unsafe and experiences danger. This can occur when someone experiences a life-threatening event or through repeated events in abusive relationships, chaotic family environments, and through other violations of human dignity. The symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are often severe and develop over…

man celebrating national recovery month

5 Ways To Celebrate National Recovery Month

Every September, the US recognizes the power and availability of treatment of substance use and mental health issues through National Recovery Month. September is therefore also a wonderful time to raise awareness and understanding surrounding these issues. This month-long homage to the journey of recovery has taken place for over three decades, and it’s something…

woman wondering about mental illness signs

How To Recognize Early Warning Signs of Depression

Many people begin to suffer from depression without realizing it. Close friends and loved ones may not even be able to tell that they are experiencing the early stages of a serious and debilitating mental illness that affects an estimated 14 million American adults. There are many promising treatment modalities that effectively treat depression and…

woman wondering the difference between depression & bipolar

Depression & Bipolar: What is the Difference?

Although depression and bipolar share significant crossover in symptoms, they are distinct conditions. It’s crucial to understand which one you may be suffering from in order to get the right help. You may be reviewing your own mental and physical state, trying to self-diagnose, wondering “Depression & Bipolar: What is the Difference?” Let True Life…

woman finding help for cannabis withdrawal

Help for Cannabis Withdrawal

Many users of marijuana don’t see it as a problem. But marijuana use can quickly transform from a recreational pastime to a dependency that’s difficult to shake, especially among teens and young adults, but we are seeing it more frequently in older adults as well. Recognizing that your relationship with any substance, whether it’s alcohol…

woman finding mental health treatment in orange county california

Finding Mental Health Treatment In Orange County California

Anyone struggling with a mental health condition knows how debilitating it can be to personal and professional relationships and flourishing. Mood disorders like depression and social anxiety can get in the way of productivity and socialization. Friends, colleagues, family, and community members coping with such issues may feel isolated and helpless. Sadly, their struggle often…