Are you worried about reaching out to get help right now because of limited access to care in an in-person treatment session? Perhaps you are looking for a way to connect with a therapist or psychologist from a distance, no matter where you are. At True Life Center, we offer a telehealth program at our outpatient mental health treatment center in San Diego that can meet these needs. Your care should never be something you put off because you cannot get in to see our team.

What Is a Telehealth Program?

When you need help, contact our office. We can provide you with access to our telehealth program. It is designed to allow you to talk to, interact with, and receive care from our highly skilled staff right from the comfort of your home – or anywhere there is an internet connection. You will have the ability to see your therapist virtually, allowing you to receive just about the same type of care you would receive in the office.

When Can We Use These Services?

woman meeting with a patient through a telehealth programAre you thinking about using a telehealth program in San Deigo? Our team at True Life Center has developed a telehealth program that is comprehensive and easily within reach to most people. We can use these for a variety of treatment programs, each with the goal to give you the support you need from a distance. You can use them for treatment programs such as these:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder treatment
  • Alcohol addiction treatment program
  • Benzodiazepine addiction treatment program
  • Marijuana addiction treatment program
  • Trauma therapy program

We can also help you with OCD, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder. Let our team help you with other drug addictions, too. We are here to help you find the right level of care in the type of treatment surroundings you need. You can expect exceptional support throughout the program from our experienced staff members.

What Are the Benefits of Treatment in a Telehealth Program in San Diego?

Our telehealth program is designed to improve your quality of life and help make treatment more accessible to you. While you are always welcome to come into our treatment center for an appointment, our telehealth services can be exceptional in that they allow you to get the help you need from a distance. This can offer many benefits including:

  • Care from anywhere
  • Less risk for those at high risk for illness
  • Treatment that fits your lifestyle and needs
  • Support from home that may feel better to you than coming into the office
  • Care designed to address your unique needs in a way you feel comfortable

No matter what you are facing, your first step is always to recognize the treatment that is available to you. Even if you are too overwhelmed to come in to see us today, we can help you through our virtual services. Expect outstanding treatment using the most advanced care when you trust True Life Center with your care needs.

Find the Care and Support You need at True Life Center

You should never put off your mental health needs because you cannot come into the office. Our team at True Life Center offers a wide range of treatment options for substance use disorder treatment in order to meet your specific needs. We know you need care that fits your lifestyle, and we want to make it as accessible as possible to you. Whether you are interested in our telehealth program or coming into our calming, luxurious offices, we encourage you to call us now at 866.420.1792 for immediate help to overcome addiction and other mental health disorders.