When you or your loved one is suffering from an eating disorder, everyone around them suffers as well. These treatable conditions cause many severe mental and physical effects for people from all backgrounds and walks of life. 

Tens of millions of people in the U.S. struggle with an eating disorder at some point in their lives. The great majority of these individuals are women. Many people continue suffering without treatment because of the depth of secrecy and shame these disorders bring. 

If someone close to you is battling an eating disorder in CA, you can play an important role in their decision to seek help and healing in an eating disorder treatment program. Reach out to True Life Center today using our secure contact form or call us at 866.420.1792 today to learn more.

Do I Need an Eating Disorder Treatment Program?

woman in need of an eating disorder treatment programThere are many risk factors for eating disorders. These cross many cultural, socioeconomic, gender, and genetic lines. But most risks for these conditions fall into three main categories of factors: biological, psychological, and social. 

Biological Risk Factors 

Some of the most common biological risk factors for eating disorders include having a relative with the same problems, such as a parent or sibling in the same household. Developing an eating disorder can also correlate with having a close relative with mental health problems; individuals with eating disorders often have a history of anxiety, depression, trauma, or addiction. 

A history of dieting can result in the development of disordered eating, particularly binge eating. So does excessive exercise that results in an individual burning off more calories than they take in. Highly restrictive eating, growth spurts, illness, and intense sports training can also play a role. 

A significant number of women with insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes also develop eating disorders. This condition, known as “diabulimia,” involves skipping insulin injections, and it can easily lead to serious health issues and even death. 

Psychological Risk Factors 

Numerous psychological factors can point to the need for eating disorder treatment programs. 

Perfectionism, such as self-oriented perfectionism and body image dissatisfaction, can readily result in eating disorders. People with unhealthy body images are prime candidates for disordered eating issues. 

The same is true for people who suffer from anxiety disorders, a common mental health problem among people with disordered eating. Specific anxiety disorders associated with these conditions include general anxiety, social phobia, and OCD, among others. If you suffer from an eating disorder, seek help from an anxiety disorder treatment program

Social Risk Factors 

Finally, numerous social issues can result in eating disorders. 

Accepting the media’s messaging that “thinner is better” increases body dissatisfaction. Feeling you carry a weight stigma or having suffered weight discrimination or stereotyping also sometimes leads to greater risk for disordered eating. Women who suffer teasing or bullying often start eating improperly. 

If someone in your life fits these criteria or otherwise demonstrates risk factors associated with eating disorders, it is worth exploring ED treatment options at a mental health treatment center

What Can I Expect in an Eating Disorder Treatment Program?

If you or your loved one shows signs of disordered eating, you likely need the help of an eating disorder treatment program. At True Life Center, we will begin with a detailed patient history and a full health assessment.

At True Life Center, our clinicians and therapists also provide a range of resources to help you understand the signs and symptoms of disordered eating. This can allow you to talk to your loved one confidently about entering treatment. 

Once your loved one is in treatment at True Life Center, your family programs begin. Family therapy sessions can take place in person or over the phone, making it convenient for everyone in the family to participate as your loved one gets the help they need. 

Taking the first step is always difficult, especially when you are not the one battling an eating disorder. However, by reaching out to the ED treatment program at True Life Center, you are opening the doors for better communication between family members and a lower likelihood of relapse and the negative health outcomes associated with these conditions.  

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If you or your loved one is suffering from an eating disorder in CA, it is time to reach out to a professional eating disorder treatment program. At True Life Center, we can help by offering: 

You and your family do not have to bear the weight of an eating disorder alone any longer. Reach out to the eating disorder treatment program at Truel Life Center online today or call us at 866.420.1792 to let us customize a solution for you.