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Dissociative disorders are complex mental conditions that cause a disconnect or a break from reality. They can cause individuals to experience difficulty with their identity, memory, emotion, perception, and behavior. These conditions can bedistressing, causing significant impairments in social and occupational functioning. Dissociative disorder treatment can change the way a person relates to their environment, allowing them to cope with life’s struggles in a healthier manner. 

At True Life Center, we provide specialized dissociative disorder treatment in California, using an integrative and scientific approach to nurture the mind-body connection in our patients. To learn about our mood disorder treatment center in San Diego, California, call 866.420.1792 today.  

What Is Dissociative Disorder? 

Dissociative disorder is an umbrella term for a group of mental health conditions involving disruptions in self-awareness, memory, or identity. These conditions are characterized by a disconnect from one’s past and present experiences and can cause individuals to feel detached from their physical bodies. Common dissociative disorders include: 

  • Dissociative amnesia – a condition in which individuals forget certain memories or important information 
  • Dissociative identity disorder – a condition characterized by the presence of two or more distinct identities  
  • Depersonalization disorder – a feeling of being detached from one’s body 
  • Dissociative fugue – when an individual forgets their personal information and travels to another location without any recollection of how they got there. 
  • Dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder) – a condition in which the individual experiences two or more distinct and separate identities.  

The symptoms of dissociative disorders can vary from person to person. Common signs and symptoms may include: 

Signs of Dissociative Disorder 

Dissociative disorders often manifest through symptoms like: 

  • Memory loss 
  • Depersonalization 
  • Derealization 
  • Identity confusion 
  • Identity alteration 

Individuals may also experience emotional numbing, disconnection, or amnesia for certain time periods, events, people, or personal information. 

If you or your loved one is experiencing these signs, it is crucial to seek professional help. True Life Center treats dissociative disorders in California with compassion and care. 

How Dissociative Disorder Treatment Can Help 

We believe in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. Our team of doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and holistic providers collaborate to design an individualized treatment program for each patient. Teatment strategies include one-on-one therapy, group therapy, art therapy, pet therapy, and a range of holistic treatments like acupuncture, bodywork, exercise therapy, and meditation. 

Our dissociative disorders treatment program aims to help our patients understand their condition, manage symptoms, and regain control over their lives. We use evidence-based treatments to help patients reconnect with their authentic selves and reintegrate their identities. 

Benefits of Dissociative Disorder Treatment 

Seeking treatment for dissociative disorders can have numerous benefits. It can help individuals: 

  • Regain a sense of control and stability 
  • Improve their relationships 
  • Enhance their overall quality of life 

Through our dissociative disorder treatment in California, patients can expect to receive compassionate, individualized care in a supportive environment. Our luxury office offers a calming and soothing atmosphere, which aids in the healing process. We also offer unique therapies, such as pet therapy and art therapy, which have been shown to reduce stress and increase feelings of well-being. 

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